Hello beautiful!

We make gorgeous, effective skincare to help manage
the damaging impact of stress, air pollution, and other
modern-day realities on your skin radiance and vitality.
We believe these factors are the key to so many of our
skincare issues. Whatever your age or skin type, they're
the daily constants that damage our skin's precious
barrier and prevents skin (and mind) from functioning at
their best.
La pÖ Paris helps you build stronger, more resilient,
more beautiful skin - and enjoy the journey! Super-
natural ingredients that work with your skin's own
chemistry. Therapeutic aromas that bring daily calm.
Honest prices. Mindful packaging.
We also strive to be part of something bigger. We're
really proud of our eco-values and carbon offset
programme (did you know we plant 1 trees for every
employee?). Plus, a portion of all our profits goes to fund
causes that reduce stress in our communities.
                             MEET OUR FOUNDER
"I had a fantastic but full-on job that involved a lot of
pressure and a lot of travel. I was busy ticking those life
boxes - career, house, family - but the stress was
immense. On paper, I was living the dream, but all of a
sudden, I developed stress-related acne. I was mortified.
Having problem skin forced me to reevaluate my life. I
educated myself on how stress affects our bodies. I
opted into a clean, plant-based beauty regime and made
better lifestyle choices. I discovered ingredients and
rituals that not only cleared up my acne but made my
skin healthier, smoother and better than ever before.
I launched La pÖ Paris because I'm passionate about
sharing what I've learned. I had considerable expertise
in Skincare via my leadership role in the industry,
working for  biggest name, but this time it was
personal. Skincare isn't about vanity, it's about identity
and self-esteem. I know what really works and I don't
want any compromises, to the planet or my principles –
neither should you! Get ready to fall back in love with
your skin."

  Meddy305 Founder & CEO